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Meo Fusciuni - 2# nota di viaggio (shukran) perfume bottle
Meo Fusciuni - 2# nota di viaggio (shukran) and packaging
Meo Fusciuni - 2# nota di viaggio (shukran) with dried foliage

Meo Fusciuni - 2# nota di viaggio (shukran)

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NOTES: Moroccan dwarf mint, lemongrass, English tobacco

"Shukran is my gift to a people, a special place in my past, in Morocco I did most of my ethnobotany researches, I wanted to tell the side of my most joyful experience in Morocco, the quiet moments that I spent drinking Moroccan mint tea and writing my travel diary. The mint tea is a convivial moment in Morocco, the men decide to stop and talk about, even if only through their eyes, it's a scent very important for me, the composition seems simple, but it encloses a lot of emotions." -Meo Fusciuni


VOLUME: 100ml spray

SERIES: Trilogy of Journey



PERFUMER: Giuseppe Imprezzabile