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Toyama Hamono Garden Scissors

Toyama Hamono

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Manufactured by TOYAMA HAMONO, a traditional shears manufacturer based in the Sanjo Niigata japan. TOYAMA HAMONO was established in Sanjo, a town famous for the craft of blacksmithery, in 1861.

Their methods are based on the manufacturing methods of Japanese swords (KATANA) and have been hand-making secateurs and shears for almost 160 years.

TOYAMA HAMONO enjoys a reputation throughout Japan and the world for producing an excellence in gardening shears.

• This product is used primarily as a gardening tool for the purpose of cutting plants, branches, etc.

• Not intended to cut string, vinyl wiring, plastic products, fabrics, etc.

• It is recommended to cut softer and thinner branches to familiarize with the tool before cutting larger and thicker branches.

• Caring for your shears: Always wipe clean and keep dry after each use, otherwise the blades will rust. Oiling the blades is recommended if the shears will be stores for an extended period.