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Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey) view from above.
Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey) highlighting the stem.
Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey) profile.

Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey)

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A hand-turned and lacquered stand made from prized Zelkova wood

The Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl is made in Yamanaka Prefecture, where lacquering and woodworking techniques have sustained the craftsman population for centuries. The Sinafu line of raised bowls were conceived with the help of designer Kenichiro Oomori and are intended to showcase the best characteristics of Yamanaka lacquerware. Standing on an expertly turned, thin wooden stem, food and other items seem to float in midair while the curved outer surface is both ergonomic and delightful to touch.

Materials: Zelkova Wood
Dimensions: H: 3.54”, D: 7.09”
Care: Hand-wash with mild soap. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.
Yamanaka, Japan