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San Maris - Ocher | Amo candle in reusable white glass vessel

San Maris - Ocher | Amo

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Bathing in the delicate union of freshwater and enchanting woods, San Maris evokes the heart and essence of Ochún. As the guardian of rivers and embodiment of love's fervent desires, this candle weaves a tale of boundless femininity, where every glow illuminates the allure and mystique that is womanhood, and every scent dances with the beauty held within the spaces of water and radiant light.

Immerse yourself in a cascade of emotions, beginning with the zestful embrace of Petitgrain, Orange, and Neroli. The heart unfolds a dance of Honeysuckle's sweetness, melded with the comforting depth of Brown Sugar and a hint of spicy Clove. Grounding this symphony, Calabaza's earthiness merges with the aromatic allure of Cinnamon, all underlined by the lingering touch of Musk.


Radiating love, beauty, and sensuality, Ochún is the youngest and perhaps the most cherished orisha in Santería. Celebrated for embracing the complete expanse of womanhood, she flows with the rivers, carrying tales of flirtatious youth and wise old age.


When lighting this candle, consider an offering that mirrors Ochún's essence: a drizzle of pure honey, a fresh orange, or a sunflower placed nearby. Let your intent be genuine, for Ochún values authenticity and respect above all.

Top. Petitgrain | Orange | Neroli

Heart. Honeysuckle | Brown Sugar | Clove

Base. Cinnamon | Musk

- Coconut Wax

- Lead-Free Cotton Wick

- 50 hr Burn time | 8 oz

- No Parabens or Phthalates

-Handpoured in California

-Reusable vessel

Light the candle for 2 hours the first time will get an even burn and avoid tunneling. Before each burn trim the wick to less than 1/4 of an inch, avoiding any black soot. Never leave a candle unattended, near drafts, or move a candle while burning.