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Black metal cylinder Mad et Len Candle Apothicaire Petite - Darkwood - with matching lid.
Mad et Len Candle Apothicaire Petite - Darkwood - sitting on the lid.

Mad et Len candle apothicaire petite - darkwood

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Mad et Len candles are poured in a hand-hammered steel blackened iron vessels with a black fumé finish and black paper packaging. All labels include date of production and product weight, and are signed by hand in the atelier. Light one up, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the unique scents. The containers can be reused after the candles are done burning for anything your heart desires.  

Notes of smoky, leather, fougere, ebony wood 

300g -10.58 oz

45-50 Hours

soy wax, beeswax, cotton wick, perfume