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Kamasada Casting Studio Scottie Dog Paper Weight
Kamasada Casting Studio Scottie Dog Paper Weight

Kamasada Casting Studio Scottie Dog Paper Weight

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Designed by Nobuho Miya who is known for his functional cast iron cookware as well as a series of decorative animals sculptures. Miya captured the iron scotty dog's self-assured alertness. Add some flair to your desk with the cast iron scotty dog paper weight! Not just for holding down papers, this quirky sculpture brings a playful touch to any space.. Each piece is coated in rich black urushi (Japanese lacquer) to keep it looking sharp and rust-free.

This little Scotty pup has a playful coat that might be a bit uneven, revealing a charming silver-brown shine underneath. It's all part of its quirky and delightful charm.The lacquer coating may be uneven in parts to reveal a silver-brown patina underneath. This is part of its natural beauty.
Kamasada Casting Workshop originated in Morioka during the Meiji era (1868-1912). Many of their works feature ancient Japanese motifs, but some also showcase contemporary designs. The process of creating Nambu Ironware remains largely unchanged since the Momoyama period, dating back about 400 years (1568-1600). Lately, the sleek and modern aesthetics of Nambu Ironware and its impressive functionality have been gaining renewed interest.

Cast Iron

1" x 3.5" x 2"

Made In Japan