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Frog Card - The Give Store
Frog Card - The Give Store

The DM Collection Frog Card

The DM Collection

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In Aesop's Fable, The Frogs That Desired a King, the frogs get a lesson in Liberty. The Frogs ask Zeus for a kin, he gives them a log, the frogs make fun of it. They ask Zeus  for a "real king", Zeus sends them a water snake who promptly starts eating the frogs. They appeal to Zeus, but he says they must live with the consequences of their requests.

Printed on high-quality 330gsm card. Cards are 7" x 5". Blank inside so can be used for any purpose, such as thank-you cards, birthdays or Christmas. Cards comes with envelopes and are protected in a cello bags. 

A range of cards designed by award winning illustrator Daniel Mackie. Images of animals with their natural environment depicted within them.

Printed in United Kingdom from sustainable and recycled sources.