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Colekt Persona Cologne Concentrée perfume bottle with black cap.
A collection of Colekt Cologne Concentrée on natural rock setting.

Colekt persona cologne concentrée

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Colekt your urban escapism, a longing for the one you want to be.

You are the creator of your characters, for now or forever.

Persona is a warm floral fragrance with notes of lime blossom, mock-orange and lilac high in natural concentration.

Colekt Cologne Concentreé collection captures sensations from natural elements and is a flirtation with the vibrant and cultural Stockholm city and the serene wild archipelago, influenced from impressions and expressions around the world now and then. Colekt Cologne Concentreé is a collection of three fragrances with distinct characters, La Chambre, Persona and Void.

  • 50 ml (1.7 fl. oz.)

  • High in natural concentration.


Colekt your creation

Colekt your niche clean Fragrance and Skincare, an urban contemporary lifestyle for you. Colekt is a Stockholm-based brand in creation and exploration inspired by Scandi nature, the cultural heritage and seasonal mood. Colekt has an open eye for impressions and expressions around the world, in arts, fashion, design and architecture. Colekt your creation, anytime anywhere.

Colekt your idea

Colekt keeps it clean and green for you. Colekt approach to sustainability is to consciously compose and develop Colekt Fragrance and Skincare with a slow sourcing of vegan exclusive natural ingredients and a slow responsible production in limited collections. The idea of Colekt is a conscious approach to sustainability as a brand and company, a circular slow qualitative process with collaborative partnerships adhering to Colekt Brand Values; Freedom, Conscious Sustainability, Innovation, Creativity and Exploration.

Colekt your escapism

Colekt Cologne Concentrée

Colekt your escapism, a vibrant city and wild serene nature in symbiosis. Colekt Cologne Concentrée is a multilayered Collection of Fragrances, high in vegan exclusive natural concentration, an explorative olfactive experience for your senses. Colekt Fragrance is consciously sourced and composed in limited collections, created by a renowned fragrance house in Grasse, France.

“Cologne Concentreé is the conceptual interpretation of a personality in the notes of the fragrance, not solely about the concentration; an expectation and created stories with the captured content. Cologne hints on the notes of volatility and body of the fragrance and Concentreé of the distinct character of the note.”


Colekt Production and Product Development

Colekt Fragrance and Skincare products are produced in the state of the art factories renowned for their expertise in their field. Agile development methods, slow responsible sourcing and sustainable approach in Fragrance and Skincare latest scientific production technologies within the luxury beauty market.

Colekt Packaging

Colekt primary and secondary packaging is made with recyclable materials and embrace a circular sustainable approach. With the same environmental objective in mind, Colekts outer packaging is obtained from sustainably managed forests.

Colekt bottles are sourced and produced by local European collaborative partners who are selectively chosen, environmentally and socially sustainably conscious in their approach with the Colekt values in common and to limit environmental impact.

Colekt Suppliers

Colekt strives for sustainable long-lasting collaborative partnerships with like minded local suppliers who are selectively chosen, environmentally and socially conscious with a common strive to limit environmental impact.


Colekt values freedom. Colekt contemporary lifestyle follows your lead anytime anywhere, green clean nature in a bottle.

Colekt has a conscious approach to sustainability. A circular strive in sustainability as a Fragrance and Skincare brand with limited collections in a slow qualitative process of supply chain with collaborative partnerships, for a long-lasting conscious approach.

Colekt values an innovative approach to clean beauty with a slow sourcing of exclusive vegan ingredients by the most recent technologies to create and develop Colekt Skincare and Fragrance by expert teams in their field.

Colekt endeavours to set the foundation of Colekt, a longing for creativity and exploration with a Scandi cultural heritage and an open eye for impressions and expressions around the world.