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Meo Fusciuni - 3# nota di viaggio (ciavuru d'amuri) sitting in a bed of ripped figs and flag.
Meo Fusciuni - 3# nota di viaggio (ciavuru d'amuri) perfume bottle with wood cap.
Meo Fusciuni - 3# nota di viaggio (ciavuru d'amuri) perfume bottle with box with picture of lamp post and ornate building.

Meo Fusciuni - 3# nota di viaggio (ciavuru d'amuri)

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"This perfume tells through the olfactory notes that compose it, the happy moments of childhood spent on the island, in the house of the grandmother and in the arms of my mother during the sacred processions. "Ciavuru d’amuri" in Sicilian means "perfume of love".

The perfume opens with the note of Fig, in the green note of the leaves and milky of the sap; the top note is accompanied by citrus notes of Bergamot and aromatic green Artemisia notes. The heart of Ciavuru d'amuri is white, like the robes of mothers and the sun of Sicily, a floral bouquet of Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang. Everything goes on, and in listening on skin we begin to feel the aromatic and austere notes of the Incense of the sacred festivities, a perfume that impregnates the clothes of the faithful and the ancient churches of the native town, Mazara del Vallo.  Despite the incense is a note often considered pungent and strong, here instead it has a delicate olfactory shape, not losing the theme of perfume, the delicacy of love and the white light of beloved Sicily. The base note is accompanied by the woody notes of Cedar and Sandalwood and the resinous notes of Benzoin." -Meo Fusciuni


NOTES: fig leaves, bergamot, artemisia, jasmine, ylang-ylang, incense, cedarwood, benzoin, powder, sandalwood

VOLUME: 100ml spray


SERIES: Trilogy of Journey



PERFUMER: Giuseppe Imprezzabile