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Yamamoto Katsunosuke Shoten Table Brush

Yamamoto Katsunosuke Shoten Table Brush

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This unique Kojin broom is handcrafted using copper wire and features a sturdy design for multiple uses. Perfect for cleaning Window sash and air conditioner filters, or for smaller tasks like tidying up tool surfaces and removing bread crumbs and eraser scraps. Plus, the palm fibers can also be used as a bundle and easily washed when dirty. Say goodbye to dusty screens and messy desks with this versatile broom.

Total length about 7.75",  Width about 4"

Yamamoto Katsunosuke Shoten has been creating and handcrafting organic brooms in Wakayama, Japan since 1880. Each piece is made entirely by hand, making them one of the last remaining broom artisans from the Edo era.