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Meo Fusciuni - Notturno perfume bottle with wood cap.
Meo Fusciuni - Notturno bottle and box packaging. Picture on box of hand written pages. A nail on top of pages.
Meo Fusciuni - Notturno perfume bottle with wood twigs on pedestal.

Meo Fusciuni - notturno

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Notturno is the first fragrance of the Cycle of Poetry. Inspired by Rilke, Holderlin, Celan, Neruda, and De la Cruz, five Poets, five olfactory and visual steps, five signs, five moments of the night. Just one color, black. A fragrance dedicated to the night and intimate research, the darkness that is the marvelous work that the man reaches, to search in himself, traveling continuously without stopping, shattering all the certainties of his life. Notturno was created by a mad desire for love, love for the night, poetry, the obsessive research of the architecture of the heart.

The poetic and olfactory pyramid of Notturno is a dark work that rip and protects you, a sensual scent that envelops you. The top note of Rhum is olfactory memory of nights sleepless, the amber liquid is a companion of night, single, faithful. On the heart is laying the ink, poetry, the olfactory note of the writer, of the human soul; beside him the smell of leather, the material that surrounds the old diaries. On the ground, in the base of Notturno, where the poet has walked, the woods, birch and cedar and the loved resins... incense, amber, musk. The odorous metamorphosis of Notturno, reveals at night its poetic essence.

"I waited for everything to pass, that the multitude became uniqueness. Olfactory architecture of the heart"

NOTES: rum, pineapple, ink, leather, cloves, birch, amber, musk, incense, cedar wood

VOLUME: 100ml spray


SERIES: Cycle of Poetry



PERFUMER: Giuseppe Imprezzabile