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Meo Fusciuni - Encore du Temps perfume bottle with cap in plain white background.
Meo Fusciuni - Encore du Temps in a still life setting with wood branch, hour glass and foliage shadow.

Meo Fusciuni - encore du temps

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NOTES: bergamot, mandarin, osmanthus, tea, mate, champaca, magnolia, sandalwood, benzoin

"A love dedication, a few petals fallen in a cup of tea, a transparent light, a hope, this is Encore du temps - an instant of joy, of emotion each one of us would like to keep alive, forever.

Born from a trip in Laos, the new fragrance of Meo Fusciuni Parfums has taken shape from the desire, almost an urgency, to suspend a moment of love lived, to not let it end, to be able to live it again. All of us have wished or can wish, that an instant would stop to last in time. We all would love to have “encore du temps.”

As always with the creations by Meo Fusciuni Parfums, the Italian maison of artistic perfumery, Encore du temps is the olfactory story of a direct experience and of many thoughts that a journey brings, the fruit of research and of a set of emotions, feelings, and perceptions collected in a perfume that aspires to be the custodian of memory and the start of a new route.

Encore du temps focuses for the first time, among the themes dear to Meo Fusciuni, on the feeling of love and it’s the second chapter of the Trilogia senza Tempo collection, dedicated to the physical and mental journey through three different olfactory worlds: India, Laos, and Japan. Encore du temps celebrates the absence of time as subtraction of obscurity, as an amazing beauty linked to the present, a suspension of the soul that allows to be happy.

Encore du temps is a fragrance without shadows that speaks of light and suavity, featuring a delicate opening with a gentle note of Bergamot and Mandarin that, in harmony with Green Tea, finds the warm, voluptuous, and fruity Osmanthus and the poetry of Champaca flower. In the background, there is the sweetness of Benzoin from Laos, the care of Sandalwood, and the memories of Mate that tell a delicate ending.

An inspiration that stems from the contemplation of nature and the simplicity of the people encountered in the small Asian Country, bringing with it those scents of Magnolia and large forests.

Encore du temps is the new fragrant expression of the cultural, poetic, and human project of Meo Fusciuni Parfums, the result of slow work and of artistic research that needs time to take form and mature and that gives life to a fragrance aimed at transferring, in those who feel it, the lived emotions, the inspirations, that light, and to give back and multiply that beauty." - a note from the brand.

VOLUME: 100ml spray


SERIES: Timeless Trilogy



PERFUMER: Giuseppe Imprezzabile