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A box packaging for the Elemense: Nukubai incense.
Elemense Nukubai box with incense and a holder.
Elemense Nukubai incense stick in a metal holder

Elemense: nukubai incense

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Nukubai: Vanilla, Tabacco, Patchouli, & Sandalwood

Nukubai pays homage to the "Earth" element, delivering a sweet, warm scent tinged with smokiness and a deep, dignified aroma of sandalwood. Its unique blend of gentle fragrances promotes coziness and serenity in any space.

Light the nukubai incense and take pleasure in its aroma as it permeates the air. Contemplate the finite nature of time and the descent of the ash. Cherish the experience as the fragrance remains with you in your cognition.

Experience all five senses while indulging in the invisible scent. Let your senses take you to an ethereal world of incense and observe how the aroma is made visible.

The five fragrances of "Elemense":

Each incense is a blend of natural aromatic materials. The five fragrances (Moku, Ka, Do, Don, Sui) are inspired by the Ten Virtues of Koh blended with the five ancient Chinese belief of the five elements. 

The Ten Virtues of Koh was written by a Japanese monk about 600 years ago that extols the benefits derived from the properties of incense. In Ancient China, it was believed that every place, person and object in the universe was made from the five elements: Moku, Ka, Do, Don, Sui

40 incense sticks and incense stand.

Burn time of one incense is approximately 30 minutes.