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APFR incense Kraft tube packaging, incense sticks on the side.

APFR japanese incense: black oud

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Want to spice up your scent game? Look no further than APFR's black oud incense. This woody aroma has exotic vibes that will transport you to faraway lands. Fun fact: in the ancient Indian text Sushruta, it was recommended to use agarwood smoke as perfume and a pain reliever for injuries. Talk about multi-functional!

NOTES OF Agarwood, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Guaiac Wood, Vetiver.

100+ minutes and scents a large space for hours.

25 sticks
13" long
Packaged in thick kraft tube with cork closure with letterpress printed label

"We take pride in our work, our craft and the quality of our products. We focus on the details of each product that are handmade with our love and care. We believe that our handmade products will take you to a special place and chill-out own space for 'your one & only one.' May your life be fulfilled with more imagination and happiness."

Bamboo stick incense made by hand in Japan.