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A selection of products for the Ritual Wellness Gift Box
A selection of products in a the Ritual Wellness Gift Box

Ritual Wellness Bath Gift Box

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Get ready to refresh and renew with our thoughtfully curated gift box! Our selection of earthly goods will delight your senses and rejuvenate your soul. This box includes a unique hinoki soap tray and incense made from ingredients from the mountains of Oaxaca. Freshen up with an organic black sage spray, crafted from sage grown in sunny Southern California. Scrub away your worries with an all natural soap bar and agave exfoliating cloth. Set the mood with a charming votive candle and top it off with a playful sage bundle for a little extra fun!

This bath gift box is dressed up with a cozy cotton-linen blend ribbon and paired with a delightful arrangement of dried flowers.

Box includes:

  • One box (20 copal incense cones)
  • One Holy soap bar by Mater Soap Company
  • One bottle of black sage spray
  • One Hinoki soap dish
  • One Agave exfoliating cloth
  • One scented Votive Candle by Tatine (10-15 hour burn time)
  • One smudge bundle