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Hand applying Aoiro Hakudo Rain cork diffuser oil on cork cubes
Detail of Aoiro Hakudo Rain Cork cube
Aoiro Hakudo Rain Cork Diffuser Set and oil bottle


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The HAKUDO RAIN cork diffuser offers a daily ritual to reconnect with the importance of time and to recognize how scent influences our minds, memories, and emotions. By 'listening' to the scent, one can achieve a heightened sense of awareness, allowing them to enter a deeper consciousness.


AOIRO and STUDIO CORKINHO present HAKUDO RAIN, a serene ritual set comprised of natural essences, unique cork components, and other carefully selected earthy materials. Together, these two brands blend contemporary purifying practices with the olfactory design of space, creating a peaceful moment for relaxation and self-discovery in our daily lives.


- 9 uniquely treated cork diffuser cubes

- Paulounia wooden plate

- Hakudo Rain Botanical Essence (30ml) with a dripper pipette

Each item is assembled in the tailored paulownia wooden box, traditionally handcrafted in Ishikawa, Japan.


AOIRO HAKUDO RAIN CORK DIFFUSER SET offers an immersive olfactory experience based on a unique, Japanese ceremony of fragrance appreciation. Listening to the scent through this product allows sensory enhancement and an intuitive connection with the aroma's entirety. Khodo, the basis of this philosophy, provides an alternative to traditional scent use in the home.

AOIRO's HAKUDO RAIN aroma is inspired by the ambience of a bustling Japanese island following a rain shower. It offers a feeling of air being energized by the spirit of rain. Subtle earthy notes and intense, lush greens add to the humidity’s unique richness. Paired with airy tones of leafy and resinous fragrances, the scent skillfully shapes a vivid landscape with three-dimensional depth, resulting in a captivating atmosphere that refreshes the mind and spirit.

The STUDIO CORKINHO Ceremony Set is complete with nine cubic cork sculptures. The raw and organic surfaces of burnt cork offer a unique diffusion ground to dispense HAKUDO RAIN botanical essence. Place the sculptures around a room to disperse the scent or cluster them to create a more potent aroma, bringing a special ritual into your personal space for a sensory experience that invigorates and harmonizes. Enjoy a moment of stillness and mindfulness.

The HAKUDO RAIN CORK DIFFUSER Set facilitates a daily ritual, an experience to center and remember the importance of time and to recognize how aroma prompts us to access our memories.