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Tseringma Prayer Ceremony Bhutanese Incense bundle with bold graphic packaging

Tseringma Prayer Ceremony Bhutanese Incense

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This Tseringma incense is a blend of Carthamus tinctorius (Gurgum), Cinnamomum tamala (Shing-tsa), Aru, Baru, Churu, Clove, Ruta, Ginseng and Rinchen Nge Nga (five precious Gems) along with other medicinal herbal ingredients, which is instrumental in improving the condition of the heart, liver, stomach, nervers and digestive system. The above herbal substances have the power and properties to promote general health by increasing the span of life and prosperity with the reflection of the wisdom of nature.

Bhutanese incense are manufactured with utmost care and in strict compliance by Kesang Poizokhang, specialist in manufacturing Bhutanese incense sticks in collaboration with Menjong Indigenous Herbal Medical Centre, Thimpu Bhutan in dedication to world peace and promotion of Buddha Dharma.

Length of incense stick = 8”
No. of Incense Sticks: 27