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Sacred Spaces Gift Box

Among The Flowers

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"Sacred places are physical and geographic anchor points for our psychic and cultural imaginings, the stories we tell about ourselves, the world, and the relations between them"

Create a sacred space, or offer one to a friend with this collection of natural pieces handcrafted and assembled with love.

Box Includes:
  • Essential oil soy wax candle: An aromatherapeutic blend of pure essential oils and soy wax create an ambiance in celebration of peace and rejuvenation of the soul.

  • 1 soap + deck bundle: A handcrafted bar of soap made from select, premium plant ingredients and essential oils sits atop a natural wood deck for a nourishing cleanse.

  • Pink salt crystal: A proponent of good health, Himalayan salt has a long list of benefits for the body and soul. Set in a space in need of healing energy for a decorative elevation, add to warm bath water and absorb over 40 different minerals, or scrape over meals for a nutritive seasoning.

  • Mini smudge stick: A token of clarity and peace, the smudge stick has long been valued for the smoke, burned from the dried herbs, to perpetuate strength and wisdom. Hang in a meaningful place as a piece of art, on your car for a natural scent, burn away bad energy.

Made in United States of America