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Melanin 5-Pack For Reform - Medium - The Give Store
Melanin 5-Pack For Reform - Medium - The Give Store

Melanin 5-Pack For Reform - Medium


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Our new colors are inspired by beautiful and melanin-rich skin tones. Melanin is in all of us, it’s what connects us all to one another. We are celebrating the beauty of different skin tones. The set of five bamboo toothbrushes—each painted with a color inspired by different skin tones using non-toxic paint—features a choice of soft or medium nylon flossing toothbrush bristles as well as a fully compostable bamboo handle packaged in recyclable kraft paper boxes. And, like MamaP’s other color-coded bamboo toothbrushes that contribute to different social justice and environmental causes, including Planned Parenthood, the Trevor Project and the Ocean Foundation, a portion of sales from the company’s latest introduction will support criminal justice reform. The non-profit we're choosing to support is devoted to freeing the wrongly incarcerated and bringing reform to the criminal justice system.