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HAGI Rinkazara - Kakebun Floral Ceramic Plate - The Give Store

HAGI Rinkazara - Kakebun Floral Ceramic Plate


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This is a HAGIYAKI plate. It can be used to hold small side dishes or as a small serving dish. It is also a good place to put accessories and other small items.

"HAGIYAKI" has a history of 400 years and developed as pottery for use in the Japanese tea ceremony. HAGIYAKI is characterized by a simple style that makes the most of the texture of the clay, and the colors of the clay have been the mainstream. Recently, however, with the advancement of glazes and techniques, new types of pottery have been produced that incorporate modern sensibilities.

The size of these vessels will vary slightly due to the fact that they are individually handmade.

Diameter 4" x H 1.25"


Not Dishwasher and Microwave Safe