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Ceramic Mug - The Give Store
Ceramic Mug - The Give Store

Ceramic Mug

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Mug with an ergonomic pinched handle fits comfortably and balances effortlessly even when full of your favorite hot beverage.

Holds approximately 11-13 ounces.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Intentional design is at the heart of everything from Gravesco Indianapolis pottery studio. The Gravesco Signature mug includes several of Rebecca's favorite design elements. For example:

---gently concave bottom allows the mug to sit stable on any surface

---indentation under the handle to protect knuckles from the hot mug or to snuggle if you're a mug snuggler

---tapered lip means no dribbles

---ergonomic handle - your fingers settle into each indentation allowing the mug to balance effortlessly

---thumb indentation at the top of the handle makes it easy to grip

Available in White or Cream.

Made in United States