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Blackwing Volumes 3 Limited Edition box in purple and yellow packaging. A sharpened pencil in front of the box.
Pencils with Indian printed motifs. Yellow erasers at the end of each pencil.
Pencils and packaging randomly placed.
Sharpened pencil with eraser.

Blackwing Volumes 3 Limited Edition

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In the summer of 1966, the history of Western music changed forever when Beatles guitarist George Harrison met sitar maestro Ravi Shankar. After deep consideration, Shankar agreed to teach Harrison to play the sitar, and their collaboration led to an explosion in the popularity of Indian music and culture throughout Britain, the United States, and beyond.

A tribute to Ravi Shankar on his 100th birthday, these pencils feature a turmeric-yellow finish with a floral pattern inspired by one of Shankar's famous sitars. The pattern prominently features the ॐ (Om), a sacred Sanskrit symbol with three components that correlate to the waking, dreaming, and unconscious states of being. For every pack sold, Blackwing will donate a portion of the proceeds to support the Ravi Shankar Foundation and their mission to "preserve the diversity of cultures and richness of their arts."

Blackwing pencils differ in the softness of the graphite core, which can be felt while writing and drawing. These pencils feature an extra-firm core similar to that of the Blackwing Natural Pencils, which holds a sharp point without sacrificing dark lines.

12 per pack.