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Tribe Earth Plank Incense burning in a bowl while people shopping
Tribe Earth Plank Incense in light blue packaging
Tribe Earth Plank Incense on wood table

Tribe Earth Plank Incense

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Pure Australian Handmade Incense made from plants sourced and collected locally in Fremantle, Western Australia. These incense are made only with plants without using binders or glues.

A variety pack with four planks: Peaceful Warrior, Atlas Rose, Pure West Australian Sandalwood, and Dreamtime.

• Peaceful Warrior with notes of Patchouli and West Australian Sandalwood.

• Atlas Rose with notes of West Australian Sandalwood and Moroccan Rose.

• Pure with notes of West Australian Sandalwood.

• Dreamtime with notes of Sandalwood and Balga.

To use: Break an inch from the plank of incense and place in a flameproof dish. Light and enjoy. Use to create an atmosphere or set an intention. 

Made in Fremantle, Western Australia