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Blackbird Lone incense cylinder container
Blackbird Lone Incense black box packaging
Demonstration of using Blackbird Incense cap as holder.

Blackbird Incense: Lone

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A mature collection of moss specimens from the damp swampy forests of New Orleans, trapped in a box, individually tagged, identified and accounted for. Bright and alive, damp and ancient. You'll continue smelling these even after they're done burning for about 2-4 hours in a medium size room. We suggest using the lid from the capsule as a burner so you'll never be without one and never burn the surface of a table. We love the containers because they're reusable and travel friendly.  Each cone is hand made.

SCENT NOTES: Cedarwood, New Orleans moss, African Bluegrass, Fig 

20+ cones per tin

Burn time: 20 min approx.