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Oedo-Koh: Peony Tree Magenta color and traditional Japanese graphic packaging.
Oedo-Koh: Peony Tree incense and holder in wood box.
Oedo-Koh: Peony Tree magenta color incense in silver color holder.

Oedo-Koh: Peony Tree

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The enchanting aroma of peonies in the geisha quarter has been adored for centuries. Its beguiling much will linger in the mind and heart long after.

The peony flower was highly regarded during the Edo period. Its captivating figure is akin to a graceful geisha, and one can almost envision the songs and dances of the geisha quarter when they gaze upon the peony. This was a world of indulgence, with customers visiting tea houses usually monitored by sticks of incense. The aroma of the peony, "queen of the flowers", brings to mind this wonderful, transient world.

  • Scent note: Aloeswood
  • No bamboo core for a clean burning, pure scent
  • Box includes 60 sticks and a tin incense holder
  • Burn time: Approximately 12 mins.
  • Dimensions: 2.63"W x 4"H x .75"D